This was my first year at Ski Camp and went along with my son Nathan.  WOW!! What a fun experience!  I hadn’t been skiing for many years, it was just what the doctor ordered for me to get back on the slopes again.  Trevor, our ski instructor was perfect for our group, so knowledgeable, fun, and created a good camaraderie within our group.  All of us in the group have stayed in contact after camp and look forward to skiing together and continuing to push ourselves further at the next camp.  Also, It was so convenient to be staying at the Mammoth Mountain Inn right across from the lodge.  Definitely plan on returning.  

Mark Lefko

Los Angeles, CA

Ski camp is excellent way to enjoy the sport.  Unquestionable value for stay at Mammoth Mountain Inn and five days of lessons given by Level 3 instructors.  Instructors are dedicated and go out of the way to help their students.  I have attended six (6) camps and my ski ability has improved in six years what I would have achieved on my own in 20+ years of skiing.  I have made new friends with skiers at my intermediate level.  Camp has made skiing effortless after the lessons and definitely much more enjoyable.  Thank you for organizing this camp.  I plan to attend every year.  I wish I had started earlier.
Raghu Rai

Manhattan Beach, CA

Jeannie and I have thoroughly enjoyed the L.A. Ski Camp for the past 10 years.  Even though we are from Ohio, we find it is well worth the trip and is a perfect start to the ski season.  The instruction is always top notch and the prices for lift tickets, rentals, and lodging are a bargain compared to normal rates.  The best part is the camaraderie and overall friendliness of our fellow skiers.  We are already looking forward to next season’s camp and plan to sign up for years to come.
Frank & Jeannie Brooks

Dayton Ohio Ski Club

Great snow (if not,  they make it)

Great instructors (I’m growing older faster than I can improve)

Great people (the best ones keep coming back)

Great prices (can’t get a better deal, unless it’s for free)

Chris Starczak and her loyal team do all the work

I plan on coming back until my knees give out!


I have been going to Race Camp since 1999.  It is the BEST way to start ski season!!  You receive EXPERT instruction in small classes for FIVE DAYS IN A ROW!!!!  You learn to correct all of your bad habits at the beginning of ski season and you learn good techniques to practice for the rest of the season!!  No matter what level of skier you are, from beginner to expert, there is class for you!!!

When I started out in 1999, I was a beginner.  I was told I could do 100% free skiing, 100% racing, 50/50, 25/75, whatever I chose.  My friends were doing 50/50 (50% free skiing and 50% racing), so that’s what I did.  But by 2004 I was really hooked on the racing and switched to 100% racing.  That’s what I have been doing ever since!!  Race Camp has really helped me improve my skiing AND racing.

There is a BIG social aspect to Race Camp, too. I have met some life-long friends at Race Camp!!  And I always look forward to seeing all of my “ski” buddies, people I don’t see the rest of the year.  Many people come back year after year. Some have attended Race Camp from its inception and haven’t missed a year!!!!  It is really fun to catch up with everyone on the slopes, at happy hour, in the Jacuzzi, at the banquet, at a condo party, at a dinner in town, etc.  And staying at the Mammoth Mountain Inn, steps away from the slopes, is awesome!!!

If you are looking to improve your skiing/boarding or racing, if you are looking for expert instruction, if you are looking for FUN, come to Race Camp!!  You might even find love…..my good friend is now married to our Race Camp instructor from 2001!!!!!!

Come join us!!

Joyce Rodela

West Covina, CA

The best part of the many ski camps that I’ve attended is the rapid improvement to my skiing ability. The Mammoth Mountain ski and race instructors are great at recognizing your skills and your areas that need to be improved. Also, having an instructor by your side gives you the confidence to try terrain that you would not ski normally. By the end of the week you are skiing more effectively and with less energy spent.
Mike Zullo

Lakewood, CA

We have so many fearless skiers, racers, and riders who attend camp. But there are also participants like me: the dedicated intermediate.

I come to camp for the joy of running down a not-too-difficult slope, enjoying the scenery and the scent of pine, appreciating the near-quiet with just the sound of my skis passing over the snow.

And I come to camp to spend time with old friends and to make new friends, to stop thinking about the work and fuss I left at home, and to both relax and challenge myself in new ways.

Finally, I come to camp to make my skiing a little better than it was last year, to work on being braver on the slightly steeper slopes, and to stretch myself—both physically and mentally—a bit more each year.

I look forward to camp every year and spending time with all my fellow “campers”.

Leslie Blevens

Oceanside, CA

Where else can you basically have the entire mountain and all of the world class ski instructors to yourself?? My skiing has gotten exponentially better after coming these last 7 years or so. I have been skiing my whole life, but only after coming to LAC race camp did I really start skiing well. The instructors do a great job of making the groups work well together. They are patient and know when you are ready for that next piece of the puzzle. We have brought our family of small kids for several years.
Jonathan Roper

Solana Beach, CA