About Ski Ride Race Camp

Where and when do I meet my class?

All classes meet near the SuperSign (the large trail map with electronic information scroll above) near Broadway Express (Chair 1) at 8:45 on Sunday morning. You’ll coordinate a meeting point for subsequent days with your instructor.

What if my class doesn’t fit my skiing level or goals?

We do our best to arrange participants in classes tailored to their skiing level. However, you may find your goals or skills don’t match with your group’s. Please talk to your instructor as soon as possible, ideally by mid-day Sunday if you feel you need a change. You instructor may be able to accommodate you or will arrange for you to join another class.

How long is each day of skiing?

Lifts open at 8:30 AM, and you will meet your group at 9:00 AM each morning. Classes break for about an hour around 12:00 for lunch. Instruction ends at 3:00 PM, but the mountain is open until 4:00 PM if you want to catch the last lift up.

Can I change my package type after I register?

Absolutely! We ask that you select your package when you sign up, but if you change your mind prior to camp beginning, just let us know!

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, you are welcome to bring the kids! We can arrange for discounted ski school or daycare for them so you will be able to freely participate in camp. Please contact us when you register and we will make sure the whole family is taken care of.

What is early-bird and after-camp skiing?

Early-bird skiing lets you arrive one to three days early to get acclimated and get some turns in the weekend before camp begins. You can also elect to stay the weekend after camp ends. You will be eligible for discount lift tickets during these extra days. Lodging extensions may be available as well, subject to availability. You can select trip extensions when you register, but please feel free contact us with any questions.

What if I can’t make it to registration?

If you think you might miss the registration and welcome party, please contact us ahead of time. We will arrange for you to pick up registration materials before lessons start on the first day of camp. You can also have a friend pick up your information for you.

How much should I tip my instructor?
Most participants tip around $50 to $60 for the week, but the amount is entirely up to you.  Many groups decide to pool tip money together and give it to their instructor along with a thank you card at Friday’s banquet.
What happens if I need to leave camp because of an emergency?

In case an emergency, injury, or illness causes you to leave camp early, notify your instructor immediately. Give your lift ticket (if you have one) to your instructor  and contact us to go over next steps.

Can someone give me a ride to the mountain?

Most likely! Many participants are happy to carpool from Southern California to Mammoth. If you think you will need a ride, please indicate it on your registration form. We will email all participants regarding carpooling options around a month prior to camp.

Can I fly to Mammoth?

Yes, there are now flights up to the Mammoth/Yosemite airport, with transportation provided to the Mammoth Mountain Inn from the airport. Click here for more details.

About the Mammoth Mountain Inn

Do I have to stay at the Mammoth Mountain Inn to participate in camp?

No, while many camp participants prefer the convenience of staying at the Mammoth Mountain Inn, you are perfectly welcome to stay in town. You can select whether or not you would like lodging provided when you register for camp.

How are rooming assignments made?

We make rooming assignments based on participant’s preferences, which you can indicate at registration. We generally keep ski clubs together in the same condo. While most camp participants share rooms, we do our very best to make sure you share with someone you already know.

If I’m staying at the Inn, where do I park?
If you’re staying at the Mammoth Mountain Inn, your check-in packet includes a parking pass, which allows you to park in the lots in front of or under the Inn. Display the parking pass in your car at all times. Covered parking under the Inn is limited and is first-come, first-served.
What amenities are available at the Inn?

Mammoth Mountain Inn has 4 jacuzzis (3 indoor, 1 outdoor), as well as a pool and coin-operated laundry facilities. All participants will have either a kitchen in their condo or access to a kitchen close by.

What time is the Inn’s check out?

Check-out time is 11:00 AM. If you were a guest at the Mammoth Mountain Inn during camp, you may shower and change in the jacuzzi room at the Inn after you check out.